Rock Solid Policies in the Constitution                               Official Policy   

The foundation is the most important part of a building and nation. This is why the new Constitution must be founded on longstanding tried and true, rock solid principles. You need a rock solid foundation for your constitution and nation. 

Policy is to have a very strict separation of church and state yet Biblical laws (some of them - not all of them) are the foundation  of the proposed constitution. The government has no business getting involved in the spiritual. There are churches in almost every neighbourhood. 

Justice, fairness, mercy, freedom, truth are principles upon which the new constitution is built.

Judge the cause of the poor and needy. Give justice to innocent victims of crime. Don't shed the blood of the poor innocents. Relieve the oppressed. Protect the weak and helpless from those who would cheat, exploit and oppress them. Help the Fatherless, and poor widows. Shun repression.  Get out of people's way and let them live and breathe. 


Strict Separation of Church and State                            

The House of Israel Constitution demands a secular state. 

  1. The new constitution will recognize the need for a strict separation of church and state. The Governor General would be committed to insure the government remains secular. 

  2. We will have a secular system but the foundation of our laws and policies in the constitution are biblical principles. However, there will not be any spiritual connotations to this, since we shall defend citizens freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience

  3. We will recognize and respect our Judeo-Christian heritage, yet will not promote officially any religion. This may on the surface appear to be a contradiction, but it isn't. 

  4. The House of Israel will not officially recognize non-Christian religions, but toleration extended. We will not cater to minorities - to the detriment of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the majority.  This is to protect the Judeo-Christian heritage of the vast majority, and to insure we do not provide a beachhead for intolerant forms of religion, who may easily attempt to force their religion on us. This especially refers to militant, and fundamental Islam, and Sharia Law.

  5. We would break off diplomatic relations with Vatican City. Not because we dislike or hate Catholics, or the Pope, but simply because we shall have a policy of a strict separation of church and state. We will not have state to state relations with any religion or church. 

  6. We would not permit any religious leaders to perform religious ceremonies prior to or during or at the end of official government business, or official government ceremonies. We will not have any native elders performing any native religious ceremonies or saying prayers prior to, during or after any official government functions, ceremonies or business. 

  7. We will definitely not promote any kind of secular religion, like socialism or capitalism for example. 

  8. We would not cater to religious leaders, such as the  Dalai Lama. We would not use their religious titles when addressing these people officially. The Dalai Lama was in Canada a few years ago, and was referred to as His Holiness - we would not practice such things. 

  9. The government would not pay for religious instruction in schools. Separate religious schools, would be required to pay for all religious instruction in their particular schools by their clergy. For example - Catholic Schools would have to fund religious instruction within their schools, and would not get any state money to fund religious instruction by their clergy. They would still get funding to teach the government approved official curriculum, but would have to pay out of their own pockets for religious instruction within their schools, by their own religious instructors, or clergymen. This applies to all separate religious schools be they Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc. 

  10. The policies that are rock solid and Biblically based are the following policies in the proposed Constitution


1. Biblical Laws (some of them - not all of them) the Foundation

3 Participation    Creating a healthy social climate.

4 Voting      A fair and honest voting system.

8. Governor General      Commitments of GG    

8A. Nation's Official Name  - Our Identity 

11 Good Neighbour Policy  Trying hard to live peacefully and in harmony with the international community, yet remaining independent to forge our own policy. 

18 Crime    Creating a real justice system, not a corrections system.

18a Getting Tough With Criminal Gangs     Relieve the oppressed.

19 The Buck Stops Here    The Governor General is responsible to insure the Constitution is upheld. We must not cheat the people out of their constitution.

20 Capital Punishment   Justice for victims, and for the friends and relatives of victims also includes Cruel and Unusual Punishment Forbidden  Don't be needlessly cruel.  

21 No Internment Camps   We must not oppress, or discriminate.

23 A Common Culture  A culture based on nature not politics. 


24 Customs Entrenched

24a) Aging -  No Mandatory Retirement Laws  Fairness and justice for the aged. 

24b) Calendar      The Hebrew calendar will be our official calendar.        

24c) Child Labour Laws   We must protect children from exploitation.              

24d) Divorce Discouraged, but allowed and perfectly legal.      

24g) Marriage Mate Selection Freedom    We must be fair and just, especially to girls and woman so they are free to choose whom they want to marry.             

24h) Medicinal Use of Marijuana Legal  Why not permit this plant to be used for relieving suffering, since it has medicinal qualities ? Also make it easier to access medical marijuana.       

24i- 2 ) Honesty in Business Encouraged     Isn't honesty the best policy ?

24j) Monogamy 

24L) Parental Control    Mom and Dad are the parents, not the state. Parents have inalienable rights and responsibilities. They do not come from the state.  

24n) Protecting Women and Children   This is only fair, just and right.  

24o) Slavery Forbidden  It is not fair and just to cheat and enslave.                      


25  Customs Banned            

25a) Abortion On Demand  The State must not shed the blood of the poor innocents. 

25b) Buying and Selling of Human Tissues and Organs   It is wrong to sell your body parts, or to cheat people out of the body parts.   

25c) Catering to Rich Foreign Tourists   Why should foreign tourists be treated better than domestic tourists?  Citizens take priority over foreigners. 

25g) Ban the Escort Business  This is just a front for prostitution, which is just exploitation of women. What good can come out of prostitution ? 

25n) Prostitution and Pimping illegal. Would you like your daughter to become a prostitute ? 



26 Rights and Freedoms   The House of Israel Constitution guarantees the following rights and freedoms subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

There are 40 rights and freedoms listed. This is very broad. However, almost all of them speak out for justice, truth, fairness, and high public standards. The following is a list of the rights and freedoms that would be regarded as being based on biblical laws and principles: 9 adoption, 10 assembly, 11 expression, 12 business 13 conscientious objectors , 15 foreigners, 16 free moral agency, 18 information, 19medical and dental, 20mobility, 22 freedom to own pets, 23 police protection, 24 presidential powers, 25 press, 26 protection, 30 free from sexual abuse, 31 religion, 32 Sabbaths, 34 free from spousal abuse, 35 free from state coercion in matters of conscience, 39 freedom to own private property.



28 Policy Related to Some Traditional Habits specifically   

29. Building and Maintaining a Strong Armed Forces

35a Advertising  All advertising must be truthful, otherwise it is illegal.


Alternative Holistic Medicine


Hazardous and Harmful Health Related Products and Procedures Banned

  1. Production, sale and growing of (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms banned. 
  2. Large scale pesticide applications that directly impacts the public. 
  3. Large scale pesticide application in urban areas.
  4. Use of chemical herbicides in urban areas.
  5. Chlorine and fluorides in the public water system.
  6. Importation and production of products made of toxic materials, or containing toxic materials.
  7. High dioxin emission laundry detergents.
  8. Toxic dish washing liquids.
  9. Aspartame added to foods or beverages destined for human consumption.
  10. All artificial sweeteners destined for human consumption in foods and drinks.
  11. Feeding animal products and by-products to livestock destined for human consumption. 
  12. Root canal treatments by Dentists.


47 Social Safety Net  Help the poor, the sick, and others in need. 


50. Family                                

51. Immigration Policy

52 Religion  No official recognition of non-Christian religions, but toleration extended. About 80 % of our people identify with the Christian faith.

53 The Clergy   We recognize the churches rights to preach the Gospel in an atmosphere of peace, order and shall not hinder it (unless laws were being broken).

57b Calendar     

58 Divorce   Couples encouraged to stay together, but divorce will remain perfectly legal. We would never expect or legally force someone to remain in a destructive and regularly abusive environment. Nobody can force two people to love each other - people have free moral agency.

59 Adoption   Foreigners for the most part not allowed to adopt our children. It is a matter of self-respect. 

61 Circumcision   Female circumcision illegal, since it is cruel and barbaric. Male circumcision optional and the cost of the procedure covered by Medicare. 

62 Single Mothers  Support for single moms, who re-enter the workplace.    

63  Christian Heritage   We will recognize and respect our Christian heritage.

64 Cloning of Humans Illegal   We already have an excellent system for the reproduction of the human species, which most humans find interesting and enjoyable.

65 Babies and Maternity Leave  Encouraging and supporting the nurturing at home of little children.

66 Genetic Engineering of Humans Illegal     

68 Embassies  Breaking off diplomatic relations with Vatican City, since our government will be secular.




  " It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. "

quote by George Washington 1731-1799    (First President of the United States of America)