Ray Wegner H I P  Leader and Founder  Ray Wegner  

Born in Westlock, Alberta, Canada 70 days after the birth of the nation of Israel in Palestine. Raised in North-Central Alberta on the family farm in the Tawatinaw area, about 25 miles N.E. of Westlock (this is about 50 miles North of Edmonton, Alberta - as the crow fly's). My association with that farm and community was for about 35 years.

Have very strong rural roots, but have since lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from 1989 to 2014. Lived in Edmonton for about seven years while still owning the farm, and in North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for about 3 ½. years and in Ontario for almost one year. Lived about half of my life in cities and the rest in the country.

Father's name Leopold Wegner - born in 1909 died in 1971.  Buried at the Tawatinaw Cemetery. 
Grandparents on my Father's side, Rudolph Wegner (March 18,1887 - Sept 8, 1961)  and Otilie Wegner (Nov. 1, 1887 - Oct. 10,1962). They are both buried in the Leduc Cemetery. They immigrated from the Ukraine in 1928 and settled on a farm a few miles South of Leduc, Alberta.  Family was exiled to Siberia during the Revolution where the Communists came to power, because they were a German minority and were independent farmers. The Wegner family moved to Canada to escape Communism and be free.
Mother's name Edna (maiden name Edna Wunsch 1917-1984)  Buried at the Tawatinaw Cemetery. 
Grandparents on my Mother's side Florghn Wunsch (1887-1954) and Lydia Wunsch (1890-1951).  
Great Grandpa Heinrich Wunsch (June 10,1848 - Jan. 15, 1934).
Great Grandma Juliana Wunsch (March 17, 1853 - Sept. 25, 1921).
Both Grandparents and Great Grand Parents are buried in the Wiesenthal Cemetery, which is not too far from Millet, Alberta. These people were farmers in that area. 
Have worked many years in the agricultural sector, in food processing and also landscaping. 

Am currently employed full time (for the past 12 years) in a warehouse in Calgary, with a well established reputable company where we deal with very sensitive information. Honesty and security is very important on that job and if I had a criminal record I could not work there. Just this past week towards the end of May 2013 I got my Federal Clearance Secret Level 2 Sign Off. This means I have been cleared to Federal Clearance Secret Level 2.  This is just one step below Top Secret Clearance. I am not employed with the government, but in the private sector - but my employer does a lot of business for the government. They have recently upgraded their security levels for employees so as to be able to do more secure work for the government.

I don't want to give out the name of my employer, because that is just my day job, and I don't want to involve my employer or fellow employees with the House of Israel Party. I never bring the subject up at work, because I do not feel it is the right thing to do. They are a captive audience, so I feel it would be unfair to them for me to burden them with these ideas. I also never preach religion to anyone at work - for the same reason. It is just a job, and it is just business - so that is what I focus on at my day job. I hope one day to receive funding so I can quit that job and work full time as H I P leader. Could you do that for me folks ? I just need a big enough donation to replace my current income for two years. I make an average industrial wage, so need a donation of a little over $ 90,000 dollars to replace my income for 2 years. This would give me plenty of time to get the party registered and attract followers, and get things rolling. I am asking you to help me here. I cannot do this myself. 


Official Party Position 

 " The House of Israel Party is working to build the new nations North and South House of Israel and also the House of Israel Commonwealth. "

" The Party Leader is not working to build up the political entities of Canada and the United States of America, and will not accept any position to do so. He is working to create a new Constitution, which if supported would promote him to the position of Governor General in these new nations. If the voters did not approve of the new constitution in a referendum then he will not have any role in that government, since it would just be another government of Canada or the USA. " 


Have a varied background, so am able to identify with a lot of different kinds of people.

Am just an ordinary Joe. 

Due to circumstances was forced to stay home and raise my two children when they were small. So understand the role of a Mother.

Am not affiliated with any Church group or religious organization.

Am not supported by any political organization as of August 2012. The H I P remains unregistered, but the goal is to eventually have a registered organization up and running.

Not funded by anyone, except by myself and my own savings at this time. 


Strongly believe in individual liberty, democracy, and traditional Judeo/Christian values. However am tolerant of other people's belief systems, values and life styles. Am tolerant of other religions as long as they don't try to force it upon me. Am tolerant of other's interpretation of scripture, even though I might not agree with it.

It may not be possible for anyone to place me specifically anywhere on the political spectrum, but if they try - probably fiscal and social and cultural Conservative would be the label they use. However, at times am on the left, sometimes on the right and at times in the middle of the road. Am strongly socially and fiscally conservative, but feel government can perform an important role in the economy. Also feel it's important we have a strong social safety net. Believe strongly in free enterprise, but also believe we should have good labour laws to protect workers and feel we need to set limits to how big a business can get. Have worked in union and non-union shops and can see the benefits of unions, but feel that much of the current union leadership has lost its way and become just another level of bureaucracy. Unions, if run properly, are not the enemies of business. In fact, more often than folks realize, unionized workers are more productive than non-unionized workers.

Am very pragmatic as far as business policy is concerned. The colour of the hen doesn't matter. What's important is whether she lays eggs.


 Qualifications for the Position of H I P Leader

1. Expert on biblical teachings and biblical law. It is essential for the leader to be an authority on Biblical law, because many of our policies are Biblically based.  Yet a strict separation of church and state is party policy.  Have been a serious student of the Bible since age 14, and am very, very well versed on Biblical principles and laws. 

2. Very honest. Once you get to know me a bit you will find this to be true. Naturally am not perfect, and sometimes forget or neglect things. 

3. Fair minded  The leader must be fair minded, otherwise he is unfit for this job. I do not like crowing too much - you know leave the crowing to the roosters -  but sometimes one must stand up and defend themselves from all the lies and false allegations out there.  So folks have a look and examine My record

4. Not a politician   Go to I Am Not A Politician for the proof. I know, I know some people will say that Wegner is the Leader of a political party, so obvious must be a politician. I rather much prefer to say that I am " getting involved in government " - rather than willingly taking the label of politician. Folks - I would be very dishonest to tell you the lie that I am a politician, when I am not a politician. This is the honest truth - I am not a politician. Life gets complicated after age 40 you know.

5. Very patient   Patience is an essential characteristic of any good leader in Canada, since there is so much bickering and negativity among the public, and so many complex problems.

6. Dependable and reliable. Am quite a stable soul. Have lived here in Calgary for about 16 years in the same apartment. Am married with two daughters. Have worked over 12 years straight already for one employer in Calgary. Have no criminal record. Have never lost my drivers license, or received any demerit points on my license (except to my knowledge 2 demerits in the past 10 years due to speeding). People can depend on me - the record shows this to be true. 

7. Have a varied background and so am able to relate to many different kinds of people.

a) Have lived half of my life in cities and half in the country. There is a great divide between rural and urban Canada - and I've been there and been on both sides of the fence. These are two different worlds - especially if you contrast living on an isolated farm, and living in a large city. 

b) Owned and operated my own small farming business. So have first hand basic understanding of the role of a small business person. Have taken a money management course offered by Kustom Care Design in Calgary. 

c) Have been an employee for many years in both union and non-union shops. Understand what it means to work in a unionized working environment and in a non-union workplace. This is quite important in my judgment, and helps a lot in the role of leader. 

d) Worked for years with both men and women on the job, and can work smoothly with both sexes. Can work very well with women, and once worked for an employer in Edmonton in a department where there were about 100 woman and only about 10 men - did this successfully for about 4 years straight. Also in Calgary have worked in a primarily all female department for about 5 years or so and have enjoyed it and got along well with almost all the workers. It is often difficult for a man to work so long and successfully with a mostly women work crew on the job like I have done. This is in my opinion a real plus for any male leader, because half of the people and voters in Canada are female. You must be able to relate to the women to be successful as a leader in Canada - and I have done this. The record speaks for itself. So much work in Canada is done by women, and too often this work goes unrecognized and unappreciated. 

e) Had considerably contact with immigrants in my personal life and on the job, which is important for any national leader in Canada. Am able to see things more from their perspective, and am also not easily fooled as well. They will have a really hard time trying to pull any tricks with me. My Father was an immigrant, and so is my wife. Realize and appreciate the sacrifice and hard work, many immigrants do.  Have no problem getting along with them, but I do not suck up to them. Try hard to judge people as individuals, and am colour blind person as far as race and ethnic background is concerned. 

f) Am a typical ordinary Canadian. Lived with and worked for years with those born and raised here in Canada, and so am able to relate very well with them. Understand what it means to be a typical born and raised Canadian, because that is what I am. 

g) Understand the role of a Mother, because due to circumstances I was forced to be a stay at home Father for about seven years due to my wife's illness and inability to care for the children. Understand all about raising children, and there are few men who have changed more diapers than me. So I can easily relate to women and a lot of women's issues, like the need for child care. 

h) Have been homeless for a short period of time when younger in the City of Toronto, and so understand the real meaning of being homeless. I am not like Ralph Klein who when Premier of Alberta, made a drunken nocturnal stop in a homeless shelter in Edmonton and threw some money at some of the poor and muttered about them getting a job (actually a lot of these men in the shelter were the working poor). Canadians are always complaining that their leaders don't understand them - look I understand what it means and how it really feels to be poor and down and out without a home - because I've been there and lived it. Have been fairly well off financially, and been down and out with only 4 cents to my name, have owned my own home and been homeless and been a renter. Have been forced to rely upon social assistance for a time when raising my children on my own - and have been forced to go to the food bank. It was humbling especially the first time we had to use the food bank, but it helps a person have a more compassionate attitude. 

i) Cannot be bribed  Don't believe me ? Then why not offer me one, and see how quickly it will be refused. 

j) Will not compromise on fundamental principles.  With the role of H I P leader it is paramount not to water down the foundational principles of the party. Go to Rock

k) Very flexible  This is an essential characteristic the leader must have to be successful, all the while still holding to and not compromising with fundamental principles. You just need to have your priorities straight. 

l) Very knowledgeable on the traditions of this land.  Did extensive study and research on this subject. Go to my web site Natural Cultural Traditions We Share which proves I have extensive knowledge of our traditions. 

m) Believe very strongly in individual liberty, freedom and democratic principles.  Anyone who knows me, and who has read some of my articles on my web site understands that I am the champion of freedom, individual liberty and democratic principles within the rule of law. This is an essential requirement for this job. I am not a control freak. 


My Record  

1. Have never been in trouble with the law. There is no criminal record. 

2. Have never been jailed or imprisoned. 

3. Have almost a perfect driving record, except for a few minor speeding tickets, and once for not wearing a seat belt (the seat belt had jammed a while before and I had to cut it to get out - and had not fixed it yet when the police stopped me). There has been only one minor traffic accident where it was my fault - where the insurance company had to pay out damages. 

There is the letter and spirit of the law. 

Driving safely is an art, and you need to flow with the traffic. Driving too slow can be a safety hazard. As well driving with a lack of confidence, and with a fearful attitude and being over cautious can result in accidents. 

4. Have never once smoked marijuana or taken any illegal drugs. 

5. Have never been charged of anything by the police, except as pointed out those few minor speeding tickets and not wearing a seat belt once. 

6. The police have never been called to my home due to any disturbance within my home or anything like that. 

7. Have almost a perfect record as far as being a law abiding citizen is concerned during the past forty years or so. 

I do not pretend to be perfect though, and I have done some silly, rebellious things when a kid, but generally speaking my record is an excellent one, especially during the past forty years and especially after my baptism at age 30. My record during the past 40 years is almost a perfect one. 

8. There is no previous, recent or present record of family violence within my own immediate family (myself, my wife and two children). 

9. I teach people that we should all respect the laws and the authorities and cooperate with the police. 

10. I am a responsible gun owner, and my 30-30 and .22 rifles are legally registered. 

11. My record as a honest businessman is almost perfect. If you can find someone, or anyone who has been cheated by myself in business, or in a business deal - then I'll eat my boots. People who have done business with me know that they can trust me to be honest with them. Of course you know in business you try to get a good deal, and it is buyer beware. 

Have never cheated anyone in a business deal, but if I can get a good deal I won't refuse it. 

12. I do not promote anything illegal on my web sites.

13. Have never hired the services of a prostitute, and have never consorted with prostitutes. 

14. Have never hunted wildlife illegally. 

15. Have carefully obeyed the noise by-laws, except for a few extremely rare circumstances, like when at times the muffler on my car broke and there was no time to get it fixed right away. Have never been charged with breaking the noise by-laws, and have never received a warning from police in this regards. 

16. Have never been caught riding the LRT without a valid ticket or bus pass. 

17. Have been very diligent in respecting my neighbours property and teach my family likewise. Naturally there have been times when I have unknowingly trespassed on private property, and there is of course the letter and the spirit of the law. 

18. Have always paid my bills. 

19. Have never had any credit card problems, and have never had to declare personal bankruptcy. I have never run a business which went bankrupt. 

20. I have never been an alcoholic, and my drinking has never caused me or anyone any problems. Never once. No accidents caused by drinking - no violence caused by drinking - no nothing. But I have enjoyed drinking beer with the guys, and have downed my fair share of alcohol. I had stopped drinking alcohol for about the past 10 years or so - and did not drink at all except when we have some wine on the Passover each year.  This has changed and now do drink off and on, but may change again. 

21. Due to circumstances I was forced to stay at home and raise my two children when they were small. So I understand all about raising children. I was the one who got up at night when the kids were small. 

This was a very positive and happy experience for me - raising kids, and it was probably the best job I ever had. The only problem was the financial end of it.

Yet there are some women out there who have seriously problems relating to and dealing productively with men, who would deliberately disregard and ignore all the years I spent raising my small children as a full time parent. They love to criticize and condemn, but forget about all the positive work I have done with children. 

22. There are those who would maliciously claim I am an intolerant person, but that is absolute rubbish. My web site is done in the spirit of freedom and respect for democracy. I respect other people's view points and opinions - they do not have to agree with me. I am the champion of liberty within the rule of law. 

My record shows very powerfully and clearly that I respect other people's opinions and viewpoints. We can agree to disagree. However, I do not go along with lies, prejudice, discrimination and hatred, and am not afraid to expose these matters. 

23. My record shows I am respectful of my families right to free moral agency. I do not force my religious views on anyone. I believe in freedom and am not a control freak. 

Naturally when the children are small parents do have the right to educate their own flesh and blood into their own traditions, culture and religion. This is a right we here in Canada grant to all parents, be they Muslims, Catholics, Hutterites, Baptists, Buddhists, and whatever cultural or ethnic background they may belong to. We respect native tradition, and would not object with aboriginal parents teaching their kids the ways of their tribe, and the customs and traditions of the elders. 

It is the same with me. However, in my religion, which is biblically based, my God has given people free moral agency. So once the children are older - their God given right of free moral agency needs to be respected, and I would never, ever demand they follow the same religion that I do. If they want to that is fine, but they are perfectly within their rights to reject the religion I follow, and to follow whatever religion, or belief system they want. There is absolutely no political pressure placed on them by me to follow the same religion I follow. 

If you love someone - you set them free. If they choose freely on their own will to belong to the same church I do, and follow the same religion I do then that is fine - it is their choice. 

I realize the kind of freedom, and free choice I offer to my kids is a foreign concept to my control freak enemies, who would try and control every part of my life and the lives of the public, even our thoughts. How sad and twisted these people are. How insecure, and unsure of themselves, and their belief system.  These people have very little confidence in their belief system, if they feel compelled to force their twisted logic, views and ways on others. 

The problem with so many of my enemies is that they are indeed control freaks, and they are trying to use their power to control me , and shut me up.  My suggestion to them.  Grow Up ! 

24. I have been accused of being dishonest by my enemies. 

Have I ever lied to you ?  Can you or anyone find anyone I have deliberately lied to in the past 30 to 40 years ?  

My God demands I be honest. If I am not then I am in trouble with Him. And He is a whole lot bigger, and stronger than me. So I do not want God angry with me, and believe me, He would be very upset if I started being a liar. 

And God understands that we all make honest mistakes.  After all, if we were all perfect and without sin, then Christ would not have had to die for our sins. If we were perfect, we would not need a Savior. However, we are not perfect, and we do need a Savior. I am not perfect, but I try hard to follow God, and one thing God expects from me is honesty. 


Some Characteristics That May Not Please Others - which people might find really annoying and odious at times, and which might cause problems  -  hey man no human being is perfect:

1. Do not regard myself as having a very pleasing image - do not consider myself good looking - especially considering some of my missing teeth, one eye that isn't perfectly straight, my grey hair and wrinkles. Am not the best dressed and best groomed of persons. Can be embarrassingly forgetful at times. 

2. Sometimes not as sensitive regarding other people's feelings as I perhaps should be. 

3. Do have health issues and this may cause concerns with some. Eat foods and take supplements, which cause bad odours at times. 

4. Am kind of a loner at times - walk to the tune of a different drum - maybe too often for many. 

5. Am different - am really, really, genuinely different in my approach to many things. Maybe too different for a lot of people. 

6. Want to have at least a dozen kids (and this doesn't mean adoption) and my wife has given birth to two, but cannot have anymore. Feel someone has to provide some leadership in this area, since birth rates have fallen dramatically in Canada. I am not joking. Go to the link  http://raywegner.org/life.htm

7. Am prepared to self-sacrifice and will go the extra mile. Am not in this business of a leadership role to feather my nest or gain wealth  (but a person has to live and eat - so there is the expectation of a  reasonable income). This may put undo pressure on others, who are not willing to sacrifice as much as I, and so who might not be willing to join up, since all they may see is just blood, sweat and tears, and not enough in it for themselves.  So need to be more aware of the material wants and needs of others in the party.

8. Am maybe just too ordinary of a Joe for too many Canadians. Too poor and weak materially for too many - maybe. 

9. Have a hot temper, which is kept under control almost always, but which can boil out at rare times - and can be very frightening to some. 

10. Am indomitable. Please do not ever try to dominate me - it just won't be tolerated. 

There are no doubt a lot more things that need improving. In this world there is no perfect leader, and I do not pretend to be one. 


Party Mailing Address: House of Israel Party    P.O. Box 475   Stn. Main   Calgary, Alberta  T2P-2J1



The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association. "