Introduction                                                 Official  Policy

This is the proposed constitution of the new nation North House of Israel, which will be built out of the land currently called Canada. It remains subject to public scrutiny, criticism and  revision. Your feedback and policy suggestions would be appreciated. If serious flaws exist they must be identified and fixed.

This proposed constitution is unique. Policy and laws are entrenched in it. It's not a political document. Our Christian heritage is protected. Certain customs banned, while others entrenched. It's flexible. A cultural outline based on nature (not politics) is a vital part of the picture. It's also global in scope, since a selected group of  lands and peoples will be invited to join us and live under a constitution very similar to our own. It is built and based on God's laws and ways, as explained in the Bible, yet there is no combination of church and state. It has not been written to further anyone's political agenda.



1. God's Laws as explained in the Bible are the foundation of the constitution. Built on The Rock. 

Matthew 7:25  " And the rain descended, and the floods came and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock."  

The hard rock foundational policies that are biblically based can be found at ROCK, and these policies found on this page are part of the House of Israel Constitution, and cannot be compromised. 

2. Lands invited to form North House of Israel and live under this Constitution are Canada.

This rough draft of the proposed new Constitution is designed and directed to and for North House of Israel only - the land currently called Canada. South House of Israel has a separate proposed Constitution of its own.

The House of Israel will never be part of a larger empire, which is controlled by someone else. We will never go along with the idea of one world government.

South House of Israel has a separate constitutional document from that of this present one. Most of it will be identical to this one, but not in every point. Besides the proposal calls for South House of Israel to be a separate country from the North, so obviously there will be a different and separate constitutional proposal offered to them. There are some major policy differences. 

2a) House of Israel Commonwealth

Also room for other nations and lands to form a close bond with us called the House of Israel Commonwealth. This is a counter balance to the new world order. The Commonwealth is designed to counter balance, and neutralize the new one world capitalist order that has emerged. 

The HOI Commonwealth will be established with countries all around the world, who are willing to live under a new constitution that is very similar to the House of Israel Constitution, but naturally taking into account local, and distinct customs, traditions and culture native to and unique to their lands.

These lands will all be democracies with a strong set of rights and freedoms, and not part of the present (2016) United States Empire.        

3.Participation    Any society, which is so structured that large segments lack the chance of meaningful participation is doomed. The life in us is like a river, it must flow and move.

Productive, creative, constructive outlets must be provided for the people's life force. If such positive avenues are not open people react in various negative ways. You can't stop people from reacting to their social environments. If life is being denied and stifled by the social system, then people react in various negative ways like through apathy, blind conformity, authoritarianism, destructiveness, or escapism.

We must create a society where citizen's energies and talents have meaningful, creative, productive, constructive outlets. This means structuring your society so folks are more in control of their lives, and decision making isn't so concentrated, particularly on the job. It means creating the soil and climate where independence, free enterprise and self-reliance can grow.

It must be our goal to strike a healthy balance between the rights of the individual, versus the rights of the collective society. We all have free moral agency for example. However, should we deliberately kill someone the society must step in to watch after its collective interests.

Rule by law is essential for peace and order. Citizens are then able to participate within the bounds of the laws, and can expect to be protected from cheaters.

Too much bureaucracy is stifling and holds up business and participation. However, no bureaucracy leads to anarchy and lawlessness.

Government and its various arms must be the servant of the people, not domineering. Government must create the soil and climate where the citizens can live, grow, reproduce, flourish and participate in a positive way. The Government must lead the people. Lead them in the ways that will bring good results - not pain, suffering and strife. Someone must shoulder the responsibility for the state of the nation. This is government. They must be given the authority to carry out their responsibilities.

Wise, sound policy, which is administered justly, is health to the bones and builds up people and nations. There are  many sound policies in this Constitution, which if given a chance to be carried out, will produce great positive results.

If citizens choose to withdraw and not participate in the larger society that is their choice and democratic right.


4. Voting and Elections  Each riding has only one winner in elections - the first to gain 50% plus 1, or a majority.

All voters would be asked on the ballot what their second choice would be - as far as candidates or parties to represent them is concerned. If voters neglect to, or do not want to check off a second choice candidate on their ballot - the ballot still counts, and is still valid and not considered spoiled.

If no candidate had a majority on the first ballot count - then a second count would be made, but the two top candidates would retain their votes - and they only will remain viable candidates on the second vote.

Only second choice votes counted on the second ballot. Voters could put their second choice as being the same as their first choice. All second choice candidates votes for all the candidates counted, and the one with the majority declared the winner.

In the event of a tie on the first ballot there will be a recount to determine the top two candidates. If the tie remains then runoff elections held one week later among all the candidates. If the tie persists then the Governor General will determine who remains on the second ballot.

The House of Israel will not support any form of proportional representation. 


5. Wages of Members of Parliament (MPs)    Wages of MPs and Governor General  determined by Parliament. Parliament determines rules regarding the various expenses associated with being a MP, and how much of these are paid for. 


6. Speaker of the House    Position of Speaker can be filled by the same person in subsequent years. Speaker chosen by the Members of Parliament in a free vote. Speaker must be a sitting Member of Parliament.

The political party with the most seats in Parliament has priority in initiation of Bills. The second party with the next most seats has second priority, and so on down the list.

However, the Speaker  has considerable authority in the process and may permit independent MPs, or fringe parties to have priority in the initiation of Bills, if the Speaker feels this is the wise thing to do under the circumstances, and if there is cooperation from the majority of The House. Naturally not all Bills presented to Parliament will have the chance of being debated and voted on by Parliament.


7. Parliament   

The GG provides a check and balance on Parliament. Legislation, Bills and Laws passed by Parliament must be constitutional and one of the roles of the GG is to insure the Constitution is upheld - therefore the GG  must be consulted and must give the final word before any laws, bills and legislation is enacted into law. Otherwise you can kiss your Constitution good-bye, because there will be no one insuring it is upheld. 

The Federal Court also has a role in interpreting the constitutionality of laws, bills and legislation passed by government, if someone challenges the legality of certain laws and legislation passed by government. The GG would not have any authority to overrule the Federal Courts decision in this regard as to challenges in court as to the constitutionality and legality of laws, bills and legislation passed by Parliament and the municipal level of government. The Federal Court, however, could not make new laws, or change the Constitution. 

The GG's power to pass Legislation, Laws and Bills over the head of the Speaker and Parliament  must be maintained, otherwise the Constitution with its various policies and laws may never be carried out. If the GG didn't have such power the politicians may very easily not implement many of our policies. Naturally the GG must use wisdom and discretion in exercising these powers.  

The Laws, Legislation and Bills pushed through over the head of the Speaker and Parliament by the GG could still be challenged in Court, as to their legality and whether they are constitutional. The Federal Court would have the final say in these matters, and the GG could not override them. 

The only exception is if there was a national emergency and a state of emergency is declared. 


South House of Israel System of Parliament Not the Same as that of North House of Israel

South House of Israel will have a different system in place from North House of Israel. All the various levels of government will remain as now (2016). The Governor General would take the place of the President, during the 5 year phasing in period, and this position occupied by Ray Wegner. The municipal, state, and federal governments will remain as is in 2016 in these 24 States, and no attempts made to eliminate any level of government.

However, in North House of Israel (the land called Canada), attempts made to eliminate the provincial level of government. However, delegates to a House of Israel Party policy convention will decide the issue.


8. Governor General    Once the referendum to establish the House of Israel is approved within any jurisdiction then R.D.Wegner the H I P leader immediately becomes Governor General within that jurisdiction - during the five year phasing in period. After the 5 year phasing in period is over the position of Governor General eliminated and Presidential elections called.

If the GG. turns into a dictator a process of impeachment can be initiated by Parliament, but the people will eventually decide the issue in a referendum. Parliament simply trying to get rid of him for no reason cannot be tolerated. If the GG for health reasons cannot continue with the job  - Presidential elections called. 

What Would Constitute Dictatorial Actions ? 

  1. Abuse of his power to veto bills, legislation and laws passed by Parliament. Only if the GG considers a piece of legislation, or a bill or a law passed by Parliament to be unconstitutional, or to have violated the spirit of the constitution -  would he have authority to veto it. The GG may send it back to Parliament for changes, or simply veto it. Once the position of Governor General is eliminated the President takes over this role.

  2. Firing a Judge.

  3. Interfering with the Police in their duties.

  4. Appointing Judges without the consent of Parliament.

  5. Getting the country into wars, without the consent of the military and the Ministry of Defense (except during emergency situations). All Parliament would be considered as the Ministry of Defence. 

  6. Promoting family members to positions in the Government.

  7. Interfering in the duties of Judges.

  8. Unilaterally without Parliament's approval appointing a Member of Parliament to a position in one of the ministries, or departments, unless there was an emergency. 

  9. Unilaterally declaring an offense a capital offense, except for the points already mentioned in the Constitution.

  10. Failure to allow elections every 5 years.

  11. Failure to protect the general thrustof the Constitution. God's laws must remain the base of the Constitution.

  12. Persecuting a certain religion or church. However, the G.G. like any citizen is free to speak his mind on any subject and criticize the doctrines of various churches and religions. 


The GG, or President cannot be removed without the people's consent in a referendum. 70 % of  MPs must approve of the impeachment process before it could go ahead. There must be solid evidence the G.G. or President abused their powers and was acting as a dictator. This evidence must be presented before a court, which would be Parliament itself. Parliament simply trying to get rid of them for no good reason cannot be permitted.

The impeachment referendum question must not be manipulative or dishonest. It must be straightforward and simple, showing clearly the constitutional error the Governor General or President has made, and giving voters a clear yes or no choice.

A citizens committee chosen to oversee the process to insure the question is honest. They have power to approve or disapprove of the referendum impeachment question asked. If Parliament can't bring them a question they approve of within a reasonable time, they shall draw up their own question. Parliament or the GG or the President wouldn't have any veto power over this question. The committee's decision would automatically be law.

The committee consists of 12 members, whose names are drawn by lot from a large group chosen from a sector or sectors of the society (input from the public is required to select from what group or groups this pool of 12 persons will be selected from). 

12 names drawn by lot from the list of names submitted, and all those on the list must have willingly and voluntarily submitted their names. The Speaker of the House performs the draw in public. The Chief Electoral Officer insures the draw is done fairly and a scrutinizer representing Parliament and one representative of the GG or President, will insure things are done fairly.

Once a final impeachment referendum question is decided upon the public has 30 days to make a decision. A vote held on a Monday nationwide. 29 days devoted for campaigning on the matter. No campaigning on election day.

To retain the position - the GG or President must receive at least 60 % support from the voters. Anything less would indicate  a vote of no confidence, and they shall immediately resign to make way for presidential elections.  Parliament will choose someone to take over the responsibilities of the Governor General or sitting President, until a new President is chosen by the people.


Commitments of Governor General

These are solemn commitments and promises that the Governor General is required to agree to and carry out, once taking office and once the new constitution is approved of by the people in a fair and democratic referendum. 

These commitments can only be carried out if the citizens support the House of Israel Party, and support the establishment of the new nation North House of Israel, and approve of the proposed new constitution, which gives Ray Wegner the power and mandate within that Constitution to carry out the role of Governor General, and which gives him the authority and resources to carry out the following commitments. These commitments do not apply to the President, but GG only. 

All of the following commitments are made within the context of RDW being promoted to the position of Governor General, and having the power, and being given the resources within the Constitution to carry out these commitments. 


1.  Committed to encourage elected governments to have a service orientated attitude. And committed to require government bureaucracies and government agencies and those contracted out by government to have a service orientated attitude, and to reduce or put away the domineering, controlling and its " my way or the highway " attitude that is so prevalent within governments in 2016. Government must serve - not oppress. If the government continues to oppress the people - then the GG has authority to step in and stop the oppression, and deal severely with the oppressors.   

2. Commitment to work to clean up the corruption in government, and to insure those in senior positions in government are held accountable. Insure there is a system of accountability in government and for those contracted out by government. 

3. Committed to insure the reforms in the new constitution are carried out within a reasonable length of time. 

4. Commitment to insure the government of  N & S  House of Israel remains secular, and that there is no combination of church and state. 

5. Commitment to work with the Jews and others in Palestine to rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - unless the Jewish people or others precede on their own. No religious connotation to this - it would just be regarded as a construction project. 

6. Committed to help make North and South House of Israel two of the freest nations on earth, yet all within the safe confines of rule by law. Committed to protect the nations sovereignty, and to insure the general thrust of the constitution is upheld. 

7. Committed to work to help create a climate in N & S House of Israel that is conducive to the growth of genuine Christianity. 

8. Committed to cleaning up the corruption and injustice in the courts. And working to give our citizens a real justice system that delivers justice in a timely fashion. Committed to weed out incompetent and corrupt Judges. 

9. Committed to reduce the size and cost of government, and to streamline government so that it works effectively and efficiently. Committed to get rid of excessive and bloated bureaucracy. 

10. Committed to insure the GG's office does not usurp the role of the elected government, but rather works with the elected government so the commitments of the GG can be carried out. 

If parliament prevents the GG from carrying out these commitments then the GG has authority to overrule them and carry out the commitments. However, before the GG overrules Parliament, he would be required to bring up the problem and issue with Parliament officially, and give Parliament reasonable time to deal with the matter in question. 

11. Committed to support lands and nations that are invited and who willingly want to be part of a House of Israel Commonwealth and live under a similar constitution as our own, and who want to be allied with us. The GG's commitment to these lands, nations and peoples would be the same as his commitments to the House of Israel, and his pledge to them would be the same as his pledge to the people of the House of Israel, except for the 2 month military duty. 

12. Commitments in the event of war. The GG is Head of the Armed Forces. 

13. Committed to never step down or quit as H I P Leader or Governor General, or as President (if elected to position of President) as long as the people keep electing him in free and open elections.

However, he would be required to resign if impeached.

He must stay on because nobody else is as committed to insure that the Hard Rock and Foundational Policies are carried out. No one else really cares.

14. Bureaucracy - Committed to clean up the corruption within the governemnt bureaucracies and to follow the principle:   " the best government is the government that governs the least " (a quote by Henry David Thoreau and also Thomas Jefferson - origins of this quote may precede Thoreau.)


8A)  Our Identity     

Officially the name for the new nation is North House of Israel. However, for practical purposes the working name will remain Canada. 

We officially recognize the name of the new nation to be The House of Israel - but for simple practical reasons the working name will remain Canada. It would be too wasteful and expensive to change everything over to the new name North House of Israel.

The only part of this to be changed would be related to the Governor General's office, on some of the correspondence and letter heads. 

The constitution recognizes that the land called Canada, primarily consists of the end time descendants of the tribe of Ephraim. Ephraim and Manasseh together make up the tribe of Joseph. Joseph is one of the twelve tribe of Israel. 

Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel) was the father of twelve(12) sons. The descendants of these twelve sons grew into the twelve tribes of Israel.  The twelve tribes of Israel are as follows:  

Judah (from which we get the word Jew) was one of the twelve sons of Israel. The Jews in Palestine call their nation Israel, but they are really a Jewish State (around 75 % of their population is Jewish in 2012) consisting of descendants of the tribe of Judah primarily. 

The half tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh have a right to the name Israel, because their Grandfather Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel) officially adopted them.

Genesis 48:1 " And it came to pass after these things, that one told Joseph, Behold, thy father is sick: and he took with him his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim."

Genesis 48:5  " And now thy two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, which were born unto thee in the land of Egypt before I came unto thee into Egypt, are mine; as Reuben and Simeon, they shall be mine."

Genesis 48:16 " The Angel which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let my name be named on them......." 

The tribe of Ephraim is representative of all the tribes of Israel. All the various other tribes of Israel are present and represented in the land currently called Canada.


9.  President      The President takes over almost all of the functions of the Governor General after the death of the G.G., or if the G.G. was so incapacitated he could not do his job or was impeached. However Presidents could not pass laws and legislation over the head of the Speaker and Parliament and ram it through Parliament. If the former GG were to become President then the former powers he held as GG would be dissolved, and he would take on the powers and responsibilities of the President that are spelt out in this Constitution.

President is elected for a 4 year term. There will also be a position of Vice-President, who will have run on the same ticket with the President.  President and VP, plus presidential and vice-presidential candidates must be born and raised in the House of Israel and be at least 30 years of age. 

If President should die, resign, or be impeached, or be so incapacitated they could no longer do their jobs then the Vice-President takes over their position. The new President will be required to choose someone to fill the role of VP. 

The President could not arbitrarily and unilaterally change the Constitution. Any changes in the role of the President as spelled out in the Constitution must be approved of by the voters in a referendum. 

Role of President  All Presidents must take an oath to protect the general thrust of the Constitution. The impeachment process is the same for the President as it is for the Governor General, and the same rules apply to them as they do to the position of GG. The former GG may seek the office of President after the 5 year phasing in period is over. 


10. Monarchy     North House of Israel invites the British Monarchy to be ceremonial head. The Monarch may have some expenses paid, when performing official duties. If the King or Queen begins getting involved in politics they can be asked to step down by the GG or President, but the majority of The House must approve first.

Duties of Monarch   To maintain a sense of continuity, stability and cohesion.

The position of Governor General or President is in no way hereditary, but elected. 

We officially recognize that the Monarch sits upon the Throne of David - this is the same throne that Jesus Christ will take over and occupy when He returns to set up the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ was born to be a King, and will rule over the House of Jacob (Israel) forever - Luke 1:26-35. 


11. International   The House of Israel will try to work together with other countries (the international community) harmoniously. Still, we shall forge our own policy and take an independent stand. We are not prepared to surrender our sovereignty for the sake of signing an international trade agreement or military alliance.

Existing international trade agreements or military alliances Canada has entered into previously will be reviewed, once the new Constitution is created. These existing agreements and treaties must comply with the new Constitution. 

The old international trade agreements and treaties and military alliances will remain in place until they are reviewed and regarded as constitutional or unconstitutional. The time frame for this to be done is during the five year phasing in period. 

11a)  Concerning North and South House of Israel involvement in international bodies like the UN and military alliances like NATO. Policies in this area will be a reflection of the new constitution of N&S House of Israel. 

11b) Long term strategy for freedom, independence and self-reliance for North and South House of Israel, and refusing to go along with the one world government that is coming. 

This is our constitutional aim. The details will be worked out over time with the cooperation of all parties involved. We will never go along with one world system run by man. 



12. Government Departments and Ministries  

Parliament decides all these matters, but the Governor General is the watchdog to insure everything is constitutional. 

Government Departments and Ministries  

The Basic Departments and Ministries Must be These (24) Twenty-Four

1. Aboriginal Affairs
2. Agriculture
3. Defense
4. Education and Culture
5. Energy and Natural Resources
6. Environment
7. External Affairs
8. Family Affairs
9. Finance
10. Fisheries Oceans and Coast Guards
11. Government House Leader + Speaker of the House
12. Health Care
13. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship
14. Industry
15. Infrastructure
16. Inter-Provincial Affairs
17. Justice
18. Labour and Employment
19. Northern Development
20. Parks
21. Small Business and Tourism
22. Transportation
23. Treasury Board President
24. Water Supply Management 

All other government business must fit within the criteria of these 14 departments and ministries - subject to clarification by H I P party members and leadership team.  

(this is a non-foundational policy)


12a)  Trimming and Streamlining Government

Specific government departments and programs slated for elimination.

Specific government wasteful policies slated for elimination.

Specifics regarding reducing the size of government.

Specifics regarding the elimination of useless rules and regulations.

This is a work in progress and will be clarified more as time goes on, and when we can identify more clearly the waste we can safely cut out. Communications and consultations are required.  


13. Bureaucracy 

Senior bureaucrats hired by the G.G. and responsible to the Commons. Once the position of GG is phased out the President will assume this role. Senior bureaucrats are responsible to whatever level of government they work for.

Senior Bureaucrats  Only allowed a fixed term - maximum of two (6) year terms per lifetime, and subject to Parliament. The senior bureaucrat could have formerly worked as one of the staff of senior bureaucrats for the full 12 years prior to taking on the job of Senior Bureaucrat. 

Firing of Senior Bureaucrats handled jointly by Parliament and Governor General or President.

Staff    Staff who work under senior bureaucrats only allowed two 6 year terms per lifetime.

Flexibility in the Rules  It's entirely up to those administering  the rules as to how flexible they should be. If they want to be flexible they can - if they want to be inflexible they can be. 

Rules must be followed, but there is the letter and the spirit of the law. The spirit of the law cannot be compromised, but bureaucrats must have enough flexibility to deal with unusual circumstances. 


Streamlining Government Bureaucracy

1. reduce government bureaucracy to ½ of 2016 levels.

2. no termination of workers

3. no lay off of workers

4. no new hiring

5. workers lost through attrition not replaced

6. elimination of positions - not of workers in the bureaucracy

7. positions eliminated done in cooperation with the bureaucracy

8. no reduction of pay or benefits

9. those filling positions eliminated allocated to other jobs

10. hiring freeze and wage freeze (except for cost of living increase) during the 5 year phasing in period.

11. Unions permitted for certain government workers, and in the bureaucracy, but the right to strike eliminated for essential public servants.

12. Wages and benefits need to be more in line with private sector wages and benefits, and to not be excessively greater than private sector wages and benefits.

(this is a foundational policy)                                                         


14. House of Israel Party Constitution 

14A) The Party (H I P) may be dissolved once all of Canada, plus 24 USA States become part of North and South House of Israel. It will continue to exist until all of Canada, and all of the 24 American States become part of N&S House of Israel. 

14B) Ray Wegner is the only leader of the House of Israel Party and remains leader until all of what is now called Canada joins to form North House of Israel and South House of Israel is established, unless he dies before that, or was so incapacitated that he could no longer function mentally or physically, or was impeached. If impeached he immediately resigns as H I P leader.  

14C)  The H I P may be disbanded and its resources turned over to the state, once all of what is now called Canada becomes part of the new nation The House of Israel, and South House of Israel is established. The party name may then be officially de-listed.  This section in the House of Israel constitution (point # 14) removed from the House of Israel constitution. RDW resigns as Governor General and Presidential elections called. Nothing stops the former GG from running for the job of President.

If the party leader should die, be impeached, become mentally or physically incapacitated so he could no longer do his job, then the H I P will be officially dissolved. 

14D) Nobody can be removed as a member of the party without consent of the leader (excluding himself if impeached). 

14E) Political Party Discipline - Those signing up as members have to agree to support the leader and party, but that doesn't mean they can't criticize the leadership and party policies, or offer policy alternatives.  

14F) Head Office 

The leader runs and oversees Head Office, and can override Head Office to create or eliminate positions. 

14G) Elected Party Members Not Muzzled - elected House of Israel Party members can be removed from caucus for blatantly refusing to support the leader, or refusing to support the H I P. This doesn't mean they have to agree with everything the party or leader does.

14H) Legally Obligated To Accept Remaining Parts Of Canada   Once North House of Israel is formed within any jurisdiction, then we are legally obligated to accept any other part of what remains of Canada, if they choose to join us, and live under the same constitution as our own.

14i) The H I P must live within the bounds of the laws regulating political parties - just like any other political party. There is not one rule for the House of Israel Party and another for the other parties. 

However, if the H I P is specifically targeted for persecution by the authorities of Canada - then the H I P is not bound to those discriminatory, unfair, and unjust rules. If the authorities of Canada do not abide by democratic principles - this will cause serious problems, and the H I P would have to adjust its strategy accordingly.