33. Education Policy                               Official Policy      

No mandatory kindergarten

Elementary School

  1. Emphasize the basics which are: reading, writing, arithmetic, physical education, health, science, culture (House of Israel common culture - from the outline in the constitution). 

  2. Summer holidays July and August.

  3. Formal school year shortened and cultural programs offered instead. Shortened by two months - the months of May and June.

  4. May and June devoted to cultural programs, which are run and administered by teachers - dealing with House of Israel common culture traditions from the cultural outline in the constitution. These programs will be mandatory, and run right up to the end of grade 10. 

Grades 11 and 12 Eliminated

Grades only go from grade 1 to 10. Grades 11 and 12 eliminated. 

Post secondary education will start after grade 10 is finished, and will be government funded, if it meets the following criteria:

  1. If the course is practical and designed to lead into jobs for students.

  2. If it has to do with the cultural traditions in the cultural outline in the constitution, particularly concerning the traditional occupations and traditional arts.

  3. Or if the courses have to do with our primary agricultural resources, other primary plant resources, non-agricultural food stuff resources, and non-food stuff primary resources and industries. 


Military Education Available 

(The decision to enter into the 3 year military education for young male and female adults will be left up to them and their families to decide. There will be no government interference in this decision making process whatsoever.) 

Male students will have the option of entering the military for 3 years after grade 10. The same courses offered to the civilian population will be offered to them, but within a military context. 

Such training will usually be offered to them within and near the community they live.

Female students will also be offered the same training, except the actual military training.

Opportunities to travel and work on national projects that are not related to the military will be offered to these students, who opt for the military training route. 

Trainees will only be required to sign up for 3 years. There will be no abuse or breaking of the will of the military trainees, either male or female. Hazing and abuse by authorities won't be permitted. But it will definitely be an environment designed to instill discipline within students. 

Military school trainees will be permitted to observe their weekly Sabbath (whether it falls on Saturday, or Sunday for them). 

They will not be forced into active combat should the House of Israel be involved in any wars. These students will not be part of the regular armed forces, and will be completely separate from them. Not part of the regular Armed Forces whatsoever. These students will never be part of any armed conflict, and never be forced to be part of such a conflict. 

They will be able to stay within or near their communities. Will get Saturday and Sunday off, and in most cases will be home with their families after school in the late afternoon, or evenings. 

Wearing of uniforms compulsory in these schools.

Military training for women and men will be separate, but the other classes will all be integrated. 


Funding of Education

What would be funded by government ? 

Foreign Students 

Foreign students must pay the full cost of their education, if they want to go to school in the House of Israel. They will not be subsidized in any way.