67.  Lands Invited to be Part of North House of Israel                           Official Policy      

The plan is to create North House of Israel out of what now consists of Canada - only. 


North House of Israel  (does not include Greenland or Iceland)







" two nations within one "



Southern version of the House of Israel - included are 24 far Northern, NW, NE and Western American States, plus Alaska and Hawaii.

These states are invited to form a Southern version of the House of Israel, but Alaska is far in the North, but will still be with South House of Israel. These States are invited to join up in a close bond (two nations within the bosom of one, would be a good way to describe it) with the Northern version of the House of Israel, which is to be built out of what now consists of the political entity called Canada.

Twenty-four (24) States invited are: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. Also invited are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 


South House of Israel 


This is an entirely new concept. It will take time to refine the policy. This is merely the rough draft.

The constitution of these states would be the constitution of the House of Israel, otherwise the union would be unacceptable. States invited to be part of South House of Israel are: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island


67a) South House of Israel - How to Administer and Administration Districts

Capital City - Detroit, Michigan

Four Administration Districts - Eastern Seaboard, Central and Great Lakes, Mid-Western States, Western States plus Alaska and Hawaii.


Eastern Seaboard includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Administration centers will be the capitals of these States - Augusta for Maine, Concord for New Hampshire, Boston for Massachusetts, Montpelier for Vermont, Hartford for Connecticut and Providence for Rhode Island. 


Central and Great Lakes includes the States of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. 

Administration Centers would be shared among the current capital cities of these States: 

Lansing for Michigan, Madison for Wisconsin, St Paul for Minnesota and Des Moines for Iowa. 


Mid-Western States includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. 

The administration centers would be the current 2016 capital cities: Bismarck for North Dakota, Pierre for South Dakota, Topeka for Kansas, Lincoln for Nebraska and Oklahoma City for Oklahoma. 


Western States which include Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, plus Alaska and Hawaii. The administration centers of these areas would be shared among the present 2016 State Capitals of Denver for Colorado, Cheyenne for Wyoming, Helena for Montana, Boise for Idaho, Salt Lake City for Utah, Salem for Oregon, Olympia for Washington, Juneau for Alaska and Honolulu for Hawaii. 

The concept of South House of Israel may never happen, but it is an alternative if the people wish to choose it.


67b) Making War

External threats tackled jointly with fair contribution from both North and South House of Israel. Internal wars dealt with by the forces of the nation where the conflict is situated. 

However, if North or South House of Israel are attacked by external enemies - the conflict dealt with jointly.

67c)  Police Chiefs in North House of Israel won't be elected. No integration of the two nation's Police Force. The police services entirely separate and uniforms different as well. Position of Sheriff may still be an elected one in South House of Israel. 

67d) Massive water diversion schemes between North House of Israel and South House of Israel not allowed ever.

67E1) Election campaigns separate, except for the Presidential (if the two countries agree to share a president), after the 5 year phasing in period, and the position of Governor General is eliminated. 

67E2) Election campaigns not permitted to interfere in the political process of the other country during campaigns. No Federal, State, Provincial or Municipal riding shall include parts of both nations. Each country will run its own polling stations and count its own votes. No merger of the two systems is permitted, and no merger of the people and officials conducting the poll permitted. There may be some minor integration, if the President is shared.

Penalties for interfering in the other countries elections, and campaigns remain to be determined, but they will exist. Determined by the governments of the countries. 

67f)  The Life, Liberty and Independence of the people living in these 24 American states are being denied in the following ways:

  1. Governments have failed to keep crime under control.

  2. Health care costs are outrageously high. It seems only the rich can afford to get sick.

  3. The most weak and vulnerable (the unborn) are denied the right to life by the government.

  4. Elected government positions seem to be the exclusive domain of the rich.

  5. Immigration levels are too high. This undermines the freedom and independence of ordinary citizens. They are forced to compete for jobs with immigrants and aliens. The poorer classes are pushed and segregated into ghettoes, where crime and unemployment is often rampant. The freedom of the poor is therefore greatly diminished.

  6. Almost nothing has or is being done to reduce the illicit drug trade. Drug trafficking and prostitution flourishes. These activities plus the murders and other crimes associated with them, deprive the citizens of their rights. Crooks roam the streets freely at night, while ordinary citizens are locked up in their homes.

  7. The rich have more freedom than the poor. The government has entered into a free trade agreement with Mexico. Individual independence is thus being eroded. Jobs are exported to low wage economies.

  8. Government supports and encourages big business. This drastically reduces opportunities for small independent businesses. The average person's liberty, and independence on the job is therefore constantly being eroded. Through government policy and politics - the little guy is being deprived of opportunities. 

  9. Governments encourage and support gambling.  Legalized brothels exist in Nevada for example and these are an offshoot of the gambling trade. Instead of doing something productive, too many girls become prostitutes. It is all perfectly legal. Local citizens legitimate concerns of increased crime, drug trafficking, prostitution, and invasion by foreigners is ignored. 

  10. Governments allow pornography. This now permeates almost the whole society. Because of the power of big business many are forced to get involved with prostitution even though they don't want to.  Their rights and freedoms are being denied. For example - chain store owners and managers must carry the product line. They and their employees don't have a choice, except to quit. 

  11. If you want to observe the weekly Sabbath, and annual Sabbaths it is extremely difficult, because governments don't require business to give you the time off. Unless you are independently wealthy you do not have freedom of religion in the USA. 

  12. Illegal aliens flooding over the border from Central America and Mexico, are taking jobs away from legitimate citizens. Authorities do little to stem the tide, except to enter into a free trade agreement with Mexico. The problem could easily be solved by getting tough with illegal aliens, and particularly with those who knowingly and willingly hire and exploit them. Little is done because they are a source of cheap and docile labour for business. Governments have failed to protect the citizens right to be free and independent from foreign invasion, because this is exactly what illegal aliens are - foreign invaders. They do not have permission to come, so should not be tolerated. Those trafficking in human flesh must be dealt with very severely and seriously. There are approximately 13 million illegal aliens in the United States in 2016. This is a colossal army of illegal aliens, who have no right to be in the USA. This is a foreign invasion !  

  13. The large numbers of murders has frightened people, and turned American homes into fortresses. Many citizens, especially in large cities, don't feel safe on the streets - even in their own neighbourhoods. There are areas in many large cities, where it is unsafe to venture about at night. Security and alarm systems are big sellers. So very clearly a great number of Americans feel their lives and property are at risk. 

  14. The authorities have clearly neglected to protect the people's right to life, liberty and independence. 


67g)  English will be the only official language of South House of Israel. 

67h)  There could never be a fairly orderly peaceful split of the United States, if strong economic ties were not maintained and insured. Independence should be granted, yet strong links maintained between South House of Israel and what remains of the United States. Some restrictions placed on trade, but not many. 

67i) Monies raised through taxation in the South is to be spent in the South, and the same principle applies to the North. No pooling of tax revenues, and no transfer of government money between countries. Tax dollars raised in South House of Israel won't be transferred to what remains of the USA, but must be spent in South House of Israel only. There may have to be some accommodations to take into account infrastructure costs.  

67j)  A peaceful and democratic split between these 24 States and what remains of the United States is supported. 

67k) Flexibility  

The offer made here to Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island is not cast in stone. Changing circumstances may dictate a different approach. This constitutional proposal can be altered.


67L) N&S House of Israel Policy concerning what remains of the United States. 

* note - the abbreviation SHOI will be used in this section 67L in place of the name South House of Israel. 

1. SHOI citizens will be issued separate citizenship papers from those who remain part of the 26 USA States. They will be separate from what remains of the United States. Citizenship will be determined by your primary residence. 

2. The only difference is that SHOI will have a different Constitution from what remains of the USA. Otherwise things will remain as is. SHOI citizens will be subject to a different constitution - the House of Israel Constitution and would not be subject to the United States Constitution. 

3. The Police and Armed Forces will be separate. 

4. SHOI will shoulder its fair share of USA national debts and financial obligations according to the percentage of its population. Once this is done SHOI will no longer be obligated for any of the future financial obligations or debts incurred afterwards by what remains of the USA. There will be a complete split in funding and in the tax system, and in government spending. 

5. The control over existing 2016 nuclear facilities will remain subject and under the control of what remains of the USA, even if these facilities are within the territory of SHOI. 

6. Illegal immigrants will not be tolerated in SHOI. 

7. The United States will not be regarded as a foreign country in SHOI and there will not be any restrictions at crossing the borders for USA citizens.

Restrictions will remain at the border between what is now called Canada and SHOI and the USA. Existing borders will remain.

United States citizens will not be eligible for the social programs of SHOI. 

8. Illegal aliens will be deported to country of origin. Illegal aliens granted citizenship by the USA governments will still be regarded as illegal aliens by SHOI. Children born to illegal aliens will also be regarded as illegal aliens by SHOI. 

If illegal aliens within SHOI cannot be deported, or will not leave voluntarily, they will face stiff fines or be imprisoned. The fines will not be just a one time matter, but will be ongoing as long as these people continue living illegally in SHOI. 

All immigration (legal or illegal) into SHOI from Mexico and Central and South America will be frozen indefinitely. 

Immigration into SHOI from citizens of what remains of the USA allowed as long as these people can prove they have been long term US citizens and have not come to the USA illegally, and are not from Mexico, Central, and South America, and are not the children of illegal aliens. 

9. Temporary Seasonal Workers

Illegal to allow in temporary seasonal workers into SHOI from Mexico, Central and South America. SHOI citizens must be offered first crack at these jobs, and if there is still a shortage of workers - then temporary seasonal workers can be allowed in from what remains of the USA, as long as they prove they have been long term legal citizens of the United States, and have not come to the USA illegally and are not the children of illegals. 

Temporary seasonal workers are only allowed to stay a certain time and marriages or common-law arrangements between them and SHOI citizens would not be regarded as being legal, and children born to them within SHOI would not be regarded as SHOI citizens. We have to stop the foreign invasion. Our national survival is at stake.  

10. Restrictions on Immigration into N & S House of Israel 

Since Mexico and Central and South America countries encourage illegal immigration into the USA - these nations would be regarded as being at war with SHOI and all immigration from these lands will be frozen. This includes any other country in the world that allows or encourages its citizens to enter into the USA and South and North House of Israel illegally. 

Countries that allow their citizens to invade the United States and South House of Israel and North House of Israel would be regarded as being at war with us economically, and so would have all immigration from their lands frozen, and regarded as illegal - indefinitely. 

N & S House of Israel will not tolerate foreign invaders. They must go through legal channels, if they want to live in our country.

11. Military bases controlled, run and financed by the USA all around the world will be run by the USA. SHOI citizens won't be arbitrarily or swiftly pulled out of these bases, unless the USA government wanted it. 

12. Investment, business and commerce between SHOI and what remains of the USA will continue as is - but it must be in harmony with the South House of Israel Constitution, and with the laws passed by the government of SHOI and the USA. North House of Israel will have its own laws in this regard. 

NAFTA will automatically be abrogated. 

Business, cultural and family ties will remain. 


68. Embassies     Embassies remain in foreign countries, but will be used more as trade offices. Foreigners, who wish to apply for a visa, for immigration, or for a work permit can go through the trade offices in our embassies in foreign lands. The embassies will double as trade offices.

We won't have any diplomatic relations with Vatican City, because we believe in the separation of church and state.

Foreign countries allowed to have embassies in the House of Israel. This is out of political necessity. If we did not allow their embassies here they probably would not allow us to have embassies in their countries. 

We will recognize diplomatic immunity, but retain the right to expel diplomats who blatantly disobey our Laws. Our diplomats in foreign countries need to be respectful of the laws of the country they work in - within reason. We shall seek to have diplomatic relations with every country in the world, except Vatican City. If we don't have diplomatic relations now with any specific nations then we shall seek to establish them.


69. Five Year Phasing in Period   No retroactive capital punishment. As soon as the referendum was approved capital punishment in place for any capital offences committed after the referendum was approved.

Anyone with a criminal record  - the slate wiped clean. All criminal records required to be destroyed, after the new nation is formed. New criminal records begin being compiled once the new Parliament was elected and a new criminal code drafted.

Criminals doing time for all non-capital offences (under the Constitution of the House of Israel) immediately set free after the referendum approval. Those having committed capital crimes (under our Constitution) serve their sentences out. This all done at the time the referendum was approved. If there is too much opposition to this idea we shall only release those serving time for minor offences.

Reasons  The revolution should be for everyone. It's a Christian principle to forgive. We can't afford  to keep so many people in jail. The revolution is a time for a fresh start for everyone. These people need to be given a chance - we need to have more faith in them.

The criminally insane could not be released up until their mental health improved. Parliament shall determine the rules for the incarceration of the criminally insane. 

Authority of Governor General During the Five Year Phasing in Period

The phasing in period begins after the voters in any jurisdiction approved the proposed House of Israel Constitution in a fair, democratic referendum. We would then begin the process of phasing out all levels of government, except the Federal and Municipal, if that policy change was approved of by the people in a referendum. If not then we would retain the Provincial level of government. We would give ourselves no more than 5 years to do this within that particular jurisdiction. So the 5 year phasing in period would be applied to all lands that choose to join us and live under the House of Israel Constitution. It may take less time to do the whole change over, but we give ourselves a full 5 years to do it. 

1. Authority to dissolve and phase out Provincial governments after the election, if the Provincial Governments are to be eliminated.

2. Authority to hire people to assist him during the phasing in period, and to access the necessary funding to pay them. This is absolutely essential.

3. policy deleted

4.  Up until this all existing governments would operate as usual. If and when a House of Israel Government was elected and once the referendum on the new constitution is approved - then the phasing in period of two levels of government and two levels of bureaucracy would begin. All existing Provincial governments would be dissolved as soon as the newly elected Members of Parliament can take over their responsibilities. This depends on the people approving of only two levels of government. It won't happen otherwise.

5.  Provincial elections will still be called during the 5 year phasing in period. Due to circumstances provincial officials like the Premier, could be elected as MPs of the new Parliament all at the same time. Such a person could hold the job of Premier, MLA and MP all at the same time, since the jobs of MLA and Premier are to be eliminated.

If a person held two positions like MLA and MP they could draw two salaries, since they would have two jobs. Naturally after the phasing in period was over all non-federal and non-municipal jobs are to be eliminated along with the salary. This policy depends on the people approving of only two levels of government in North House of Israel. 

6. The length of the phasing in period is not to exceed 5 years. This is the deadline set for all levels of government and bureaucracy to be combined into two levels of government and two levels of bureaucracy, within any jurisdiction be it Provincial, Territorial or Federal. Under no circumstances will this deadline be extended. Any non-federal and non-municipal governments, agencies, crown corporations and bureaucracies, which have not been phased into the federal and municipal system by that time will be eliminated at the end of the 5 years. However, this won't happen if the people don't support the elimination of the Provincial level of government.

Naturally the Senate will have been eliminated as soon as the referendum was approved. By Senate we mean the Canadian Senate. All pensions and salaries to Senators and former Senators will cease as soon as the referendum was approved. Pensions for former MLAs, MPs and Senators will all be eliminated after the referendum approval. A full refund of all pension plan contributions by MPs, MLAs and Senators will be paid out with interest. These lump sum refunds will not be taxable.

We will continue to honour the pension plans of former civil servants.

The GG has the authority to eliminate other pensions to former and present government officials and associates, which he and Parliament would consider unjust. This is very necessary, since officials whose positions are being eliminated might want to give themselves a fat severance package before leaving. 

Consequently the GG with his authority will freeze all government wages during the five year phasing in period (but they are allowed wage increases to keep up with the rate of inflation only) and all pensions. All fringe benefits and expense accounts will also be frozen, or eliminated if necessary. Only in emergency circumstances would the freeze not apply. Like for example if there was a high period of inflation. All strikes by government workers during the 5 year phasing in period illegal.

No wage rollbacks allowed during this period, or any reduction in benefits to government workers, during the five year phasing in period. The only exception would be an emergency situation of national proportions.

7. During this period the GG has the exclusive authority to declare wars within the House of Israel and outside of it. Such authority is essential to insure the smooth and peaceful transition of power should a national referendum be called and approved. He will be the Commander of the Armed Forces as soon as a national referendum is approved. Control over the Armed Forces is essential to insure the success of the revolution.

During this time the GG only has power to declare emergency situations within the borders of the House of Israel. The Provincial and State governments stripped of this power after a referendum  approval.

The GG has authority to form and head his own Army during this period. This is essential, since other forces may not cooperate in the transition of power. The GG has authority to finance this Armed Force with funds from the State, if necessary. It is assumed this emergency authority will never have to be used, but it may be necessary to deal with emergencies. This policy is in place as a safeguard and insurance policy. It is not likely it will be needed, but it is there just in case. These sort of emergency powers and authority is nothing new, and all the current governments of Canada have this already in 2016.

It is hoped we won't have to get involved in any wars, but this may happen. If it does we will be ready.

8. During this period the GG has authority to change and streamline Parliament, so it functions more smoothly and efficiently. Mass changes may cause paralysis and confusion in Parliament, so the GG needs the authority to deal with such a situation or eventuality, but such changes must be fully debated within Parliament first.

The GG must have authority to deal with a hung, paralyzed, impotent Parliament. It would be best that any changes made be done in cooperation with Parliament. These changes cannot negate other parts of this Constitution, except for the extra powers granted the GG during the 5 year phasing in period. The GG's powers in this period will exceed his normal powers.

9. The GG must have authority to deal with a totally uncooperative Parliament. If they refuse to implement the points in the Constitution then the GG must have the authority to ram through legislation and bills through Parliament over the heads of MPs and the Speaker of the House. Consequently no legislation can be passed or bills passed through Parliament without the written consent and seal of the GG. He has the power to block any such bills and legislation. This is very necessary, because Parliament may simply decide to get rid of him, and cancel the Constitution and go back to the old constitution and laws. The revolution and the new Constitution would have been useless. We simply can't allow the new Constitution to be compromised with and watered down.

Politicians are adept at compromise, but there is no room for compromise with the Constitution of the House of Israel.

It is assumed these extra powers and authority will never have to be used, but they are in place as an insurance policy. This is why the GG will be the head of the armed forces.


70. Conclusion      

Remember now that this House of Israel Constitution is only a proposed document as of January 2016. There is room for changes, debate, and participation from the public. It's a starting point. The spark has been struck. Now let us put our collective heads together and make the necessary revisions and changes that will result in a practical, wise document.

Foundational and Hard Rock policies cannot be compromised, but there is plenty of room for compromises otherwise. 


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