Commitments  of Governor General  by Ray Wegner                                                      

Canadians have a problem and the problem is too much government, and too much bureaucracy and red tape. We are over regulated and taxed to death. Government intrusion in our private lives keeps growing like a cancer. Our individual freedoms are constantly being eroded by big government. We are living in a socialist, nanny-state where governments want to control and regulate almost every area of our lives. And nothing really is being done to alleviate the problem. The noose, leash and chains keep getting tighter and tighter. This cannot continue. The abuse must stop ! 

It is time we freed ourselves. This article explains one way this can be done. If you have better ideas then please bring them forward. 

The procedure to free ourselves is quite simple:

  1. Help get the House of Israel Party registered federally.
  2. Elect a House of Israel Party government federally.
  3. Put together a new proposed constitution, within the mandate of that government. 
  4. Hold a referendum on this new constitution within the mandate of the government and if 50% plus one say yes - then this would give us the democratic mandate to establish a new  nation.
  5. Therefore fundamental essential change would have been achieved peacefully and democratically. 

One of the policies in this proposed new constitution is a list of commitments that the Governor General would be required to carry out under this new constitution. This is the what I want to concentrate on in this article. So I will now just give you the entire policy. The actual policy is in bold, and then I will add some thoughts to most every point, which is typed in normal default font. 

 Commitments of Governor General

" These are solemn commitments and promises that the Governor General is required to agree to and carry out, once taking office and once the new constitution is approved of by the people in a fair and democratic referendum. 

" These commitments can only be carried out if the citizens support the House of Israel Party, and support the establishment of the new nation the House of Israel, and approve of the proposed new constitution, which gives Ray Wegner the power and mandate within that Constitution to carry out the role of Governor General, and which gives him the authority and resources to carry out the following commitments. These commitments do not apply to the President, but GG only. 

" All of the following commitments are made within the context of RDW being promoted to the position of Governor General, and having the power, and being given the resources within the Constitution to carry out these commitments. "


1.  " Committed to encourage elected governments to have a service orientated attitude. Committed to require government bureaucracies and their agencies and those contracted out by government to have a service orientated attitude, and to reduce or put away the domineering, controlling and its " my way or the highway " attitude that is and has been so prevalent within Canadian governments. Government must serve - not oppress. If government continues to oppress the people - then the GG has authority to step in and stop the oppression, and deal severely with the oppressors."


We need to view government as the servant of the people. We are there to serve. We are not there to oppress, domineer, bully and intimidate. We are not there to threaten people. 

Under the new constitution the Governor General will be required to work towards that end - to insure government has a service orientated attitude.

At this time in Canada in 2013 the word  " service " seems to be a foreign word with so, so very many in government. Not everyone for sure, but too often it is just a power trip for too many. Therefore many ordinary citizens are being abused by governments. 

Naturally government must have the power and authority to carry out their programs. And of course the public has no right to abuse government workers and officials. Yet we should expect good service for our tax dollars. 


2. " Commitment to work to clean up the corruption in government, and to insure those in senior positions in government are held accountable. Insure there is a system of accountability in government and for those contracted out by government. " 


The corruption won't clean itself up. It may not be possible to clean it all up, but there is no reason good progress cannot be made. It is a question of political will. The GG under the House of Israel model (and folks I would hold that position) would be required to work on this. He would have made a solemn promise to do so. So how would it be done ?  Well there are many ways and means. Any ideas ? 

It is a matter of holding those in positions of power within government and within the bureaucracy accountable for their actions. 

One big problem with government in Canada in 2012 is that government officials and bureaucrats will almost never admit they made a mistake. It is deny, deny, deny, and lie and make false allegations, and do cover-ups and the closing of ranks by bureaucrats when they feel threatened - to protect their butts. They will then try to deflect blame for mistakes back onto the people and the public - blaming the victim. And these government workers can manipulate the system, and they have all kinds of high priced lawyers to help them. 

We need strong whistle blower protection. 

We need to hold those who are making the decisions much more accountable than the government grunts, who are forced to carry out the decisions of the higher ups. 

Hold senior government officials much more accountable for their decisions.


3. " Committed to insure the reforms in the new constitution are carried out within a reasonable length of time." 


You can have the best ideas and best constitution in the world, but it is basically useless if the principles, policies and rights and freedoms within the constitution are not enforced, or not carried out, not respected, or just paid lip service to. 

Therefore someone must insure the reforms within the new constitution are carried out within a reasonable time frame. That role will belong to the GG and the GG's office. 

4. " Commitment to insure the government of the House of Israel remains secular, and that there is no combination of church and state. " 


This is really a simple matter. There will be No Combination of Church and State. The state will not endorse a certain religion, but we will recognize that around 80 % of our people identify with the Christian faith. 

There will be no religious ceremonies associated with state functions. We will cut diplomatic ties with Vatican City - not because we dislike the Pope or Catholics, but because we will have a strictly secular government. 

We will not meddle in the spiritual, since that is not the job of our government - that is the role of religion and the church. 

We will also definitely not promote any kind of secular religion. 


5. " Commitment to work with the Jews and others in Palestine to help rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - unless the Jewish people or others precede on their own. 

There will be no religious or spiritual twist put to this. This will be viewed from the governments perspective as a simple physical, material building project. A construction project. With no ties to any religion. And no catering to any clerics, or religion. 


6. " Committed to help make the House of Israel one of the freest nations on earth, yet all within the safe confines of rule by law. Committed to protect the nations sovereignty, and to insure the general thrust of the constitution is upheld. 


Freeing our people from:  over regulation, mind numbing bureaucracy, government duplication of services, excessive red tape, senseless and useless regulations, political correctness and so on. 


7. " Committed to work to help create a climate in the House of Israel that is conducive to the growth of genuine Christianity. " 


Genuine Christianity flourishes within a climate of freedom. That is what we must deliver to our people. The Governor General will insure the government creates the soil and climate where freedom and self-reliance can grow. 


8. " Committed to cleaning up the corruption and injustice in the courts. And working to give our citizens a real justice system that delivers justice in a timely fashion. Committed to weed out incompetent and corrupt Judges." 


Who will Judge the Judges ? What happens if a Judge becomes corrupt, unfair and incompetent to perform their duties ?  This is a very big issue. We have to speed up the court process, since justice delayed is justice denied. There has to be a process where complains against Judges can be heard, and where Judges have to undergo some sort of review, or public scrutiny, but naturally still protecting Judges from being subject to threats, political pressure and intimidation. The independence of the Judiciary is very important, but it is also very, very important Judges be held accountable for their decisions, since they are just as human as anyone, and can make mistakes like anyone. 

Ultimately it seems that it would be parliament which would pass judgment on whether to remove a Judge from the bench or not. 

Judges need to be respected, but we should expect, and in fact demand Judges be fair and honest and impartial. Why should we expect anything less ? 


9. " Committed to reduce the size and cost of government, and to streamline government so that it works effectively and efficiently. Committed to get rid of excessive and bloated bureaucracy. " 


If parliament doesn't do this on their own, after a reasonable length of time, then the GG and his office must step in.  


10. " Committed to insure the GG's office does not usurp the role of Parliament, but rather works with Parliament so the commitments of the GG can be carried out. 

If parliament prevents the GG from carrying out these commitments then the GG has authority to overrule Parliament and carry out the commitments. "

There must be adequate checks and balances on the GG and on the office of the GG. 


11. " Committed to support lands and nations that are invited and who willingly want to be part of a House of Israel Commonwealth and live under a similar constitution as our own, and who want to be allied with us. The GG's commitment to these lands, nations and peoples would be the same as his commitments to the House of Israel, and his pledge to them would be the same as his pledge to the people of the House of Israel, except for the 2 month military duty." 


The concept of the House of Israel Commonwealth isn't really anything new, except in terms of inviting nations to be part of our system and live under a similar constitution as our own. It is sort of modeled after the British Commonwealth. 

It is a system which would or could provide an alternative to the one world capitalist order we have now. A one world order dominated by the world's only remaining superpower - the United States. The world desperately needs an alternative system where oppressed people's can flee to be free. 


12. " Commitments in the event of war. The GG is Head of the Armed Forces. 

" The Governor General should expect the people to demand these commitments by the GG be kept within a reasonable length of time. If they are not kept the people should demand that the Governor General resign. 

" Of course if Governor General had to step down as GG due to age, disability or was impeached then naturally the GG could nor continue with these commitments.  

" All commitments are made within the context of RDW being the GG and having the power within the constitution to carry out these commitments." 



The commitment regarding war may shock you. Leaders need to lead. So many of the world leaders wine and dine while their young men are dying in wars they themselves started. Is this fair and just ? I don't think so. 

I am not a fan of war. It is best not to open the Pandora's Box of war. War should be the last resort, since it is so very destructive and unpredictable by nature. War is easy to start, but hard to stop once started. However, sometimes there isn't really any choice.




Please write and give me some of your thoughts and ideas. What injustices need serious attention now ?  Would invite you to share your experiences with government and government bureaucracy. How serious of a problem do you consider government corruption to be ? How might we deal with many serious systemic injustices, like the discrimination against men and Fathers in the Family Court System ?  Would welcome your thoughts or ideas regarding the Family Court. Would like to hear your experiences with the so-called justice system in Canada. 

I would also like to hear from aboriginals, and their thoughts regarding how they have been in my judgment exploited by government bureaucrats and persecuted by Child Services. 

How do you feel Christians are treated in Canada - are they respected, or treated like someone with a disease. 

How can we bring more freedom to our land, but still within the safe confines of rule by law ? 



Party Mailing Address: House of Israel Party    P.O. Box 475   Stn. Main   Calgary, Alberta  T2P-2J1

" The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association. "