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Official H I P Policy for North House of Israel

The abbreviation used for the party is H I P.  A rational reason exists for the name  " House of Israel Party "   but that reason may be too complex for many to understand. So the name can be changed. There are no connections with the nation called Israel in the Middle-East, or Zionism. Also access which is a H I P site, but not part of the official party policy web sites. 

Party Policy                        


Policy List









House of Israel Policies - part of a proposed new Constitution  

Policy in Alphabetical Order 


Rock Solid Policy  (hard core fundamental)    See how these look all alone in the Policy List

Foundational Policy (not part of hard core policy)  See how these look all alone in the Policy List

Non-Foundational Policy (subject to change and approval by party committees and members) View the Policy List with just the Non-Foundational Policies listed. 

Combined Policy List - colour coded to help people understand the three different categories of policies. 


Team of 400 - a work in progress. Anyone interested in participating and working for the party, and perhaps running for office - can go to this page and pick something they are are interested in, or maybe have expertise in, and start participating. Nothing is stopping you from participating. It is your right in a democracy. Then when the time comes to register the H I P you will have a good chance of being part of the team of 400. There are standards one would have to meet to be a candidate go to Standards.

Leadership Team  and  Party Registration    Support is needed. 

Introduction to the Party Leader  

Official Party Position
" The House of Israel Party is working to build the new nations North and South House of Israel and also the House of Israel Commonwealth.

" The Party Leader is not working to build up the political entities of Canada and the United States of America, and will not accept any position to do so. He is working to create a new Constitution, which if supported would promote him to the position of Governor General in these new nations. If the voters did not approve of the new constitution in a referendum then he will not have any role in that government, since it would just be another government of Canada or the USA. "


Culture       Common Culture Promoted 

Maps of North and South House of Israel

Economic Plan - The Economy

Foreign Policy

Environment  Global Warming (a few personal views by Ray added)

Peaceful Change

Health Care Reforms

Commitments  of the G.G. when and if  the H I P is elected, and a New Constitution approved by voters in a referendum.

Limits to the Leaders Participation in Government 

International Affairs  

Election Platform - this was put together quite awhile ago, but is still revelant. Subject to change, once we get the Leadership Team put together, and then proceed with registration, and run in elections.    


No Religious State and No Combination of Church and State 

House of Israel governments will be secular. There will be no combination of Church and State. Our policy is to practice a strict separation of church and state.

The constitution will recognize the need for a strict separation of church and state. The Governor General would be committed to insure the government remains secular.

We will have a secular system, yet God's laws as explained in the Bible shall be the foundation of our laws and policies in the constitution - but there will not be any spiritual connotations to this, since we shall defend citizens freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience.

We will recognize and respect our Judaeo-Christian heritage, yet will not promote officially any religion. This may on the surface appear to be a contradiction, but it isn't.

The House of Israel will not officially recognize non-Christian religions, but toleration extended. We will not cater to minorities - to the detriment of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the majority. This is to protect the Judeo-Christian heritage of the vast majority, and to insure we do not provide a beachhead for intolerant forms of religion, who may easily attempt to force their religion on us. This especially refers to militant, and fundamental Islam, and Sharia Law.

We would break off diplomatic relations with Vatican City. Not because we dislike or hate Catholics, or the Pope, but simple because we shall have a policy of a strict separation of church and state. We will not have state to state relations with any religion or church.

We would not permit any religious leaders to perform religious ceremonies prior to or during official government business, or official government ceremonies. We will not have any native elders performing any native religious ceremonies or saying prayers prior to any official government functions, ceremonies or business.

We will definitely not promote any kind of secular religion, like socialism for example.

We would not cater to religious leaders, such as the Dalai Lama for example. We would not use their religious titles when addressing these people officially. Like the Dalai Lama was in Canada recently, and was referred to as His Holiness - we would not practice such things.

The government would not pay for religious instruction in schools. Separate religious schools, would be required to pay for all religious instruction in their particular schools by their clergy. For example - Catholic Schools, would have to fund religious instruction within their schools, and would not get any state money to fund religious instruction by their clergy. They would still get funding to teach the government approved official curriculum, but would have to pay out of their own pockets for religious instruction within their schools, by their own religious instructors, or clergymen. This applies to all separate religious schools be they Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc.


House of Israel Party Election Platform - when we shall register the H I P and run for election. 

Official H I P election platform.  It is not the final say though - and it might still be changed somewhat due to circumstances, but for now and the foreseeable future this is our election platform. 

Provided for you is the specific 24 party election platform list. Each point in this list will have its own page where we shall flesh out the specific points, and clarify and explain more fully these matters. Solutions will be offered. 

1. Corruption and Mismanagement within government is a very serious problem that must be tackled. 

2. Health Care System is too costly - ways and means of getting costs under control.

3. Participation by too many in their Canadian society is lacking. Ways and means explored to encourage participation. 

4. It costs too much to see your own country. Also there is a lack of interest shown by too many Canadians in their land. Ways and means of encouraging internal travel, and stimulating interest in our own land and home explored. 

5. Immigration Reform - the problem is the catering to immigrants and the excessive levels of immigration. 

Exploitation of Immigrants and temporary seasonal workers is also a serious problem. Many of these people are no better than slaves. Many immigrants are being brought into Canada just so they can be exploited economically. This has to be stopped. 

6. Housing costs are excessive. Putting into place an affordable housing strategy. 

7. Child neglect and child abuse is excessive in Canada. This problem needs fixing.

8. Toleration in certain matters is positive, but can be overdone at times. Excessive toleration in certain matters, but intolerance towards genuine Christianity is also another problem. We shall explore what the H I P believes we as a society need to tolerate - versus what the party would consider matters that we as a society should not tolerate.

9. The Land and Climate - Too many have a strong negative attitude towards the land and especially the climate in Canada. How to feel better about and have a more organic, natural appreciation for this land and its climate will be looked into. If you hate winter and snow - how can you be happy here ? 

10. Corruption by the managerial class in Canada is a serious problem. This needs fixing. 

11. Same-sex marriage is something the H I P is strongly opposed to. If we were not - we would be giant hypocrites. 

12. Disnonesty and downright lies told by too much of the media - causes enormous damage. A strategy in place to deal with corruption and lies in the media - especially those directed towards the H I P and its leader. Our strategy will in no way put at jeopardy or compromise the freedom of expression and freedom of speech and of the press we enjoy in Canada. However, freedom brings with it responsibilities also. 

13. Quebec favoritism and special treatment of Quebec by too many Canadian politicians is a concern. Too much money sucked out of places like Alberta and funneled into Quebec -  is just another problem. Ways and means explored to address regional inequities and political favoritism towards Quebec. The party is not interested in Quebec bashing, but seeks a more fair and just means in distribution of the wealth. A just society is promoted by the H I P.

14. Aboriginal special status has caused serious problems, and must be fixed. The list of unresolved problems regarding aboriginals will be tackled by the H I P like the problems of; corruption by aboriginal leaders and Chiefs; high levels of family breakdown and alcoholism among natives; the excessive numbers of aboriginal children in foster homes; the ridiculous land claim demands by many natives; so much money poured into reserves by the governments yet too many on reserves are on welfare; and the broken culture of aboriginals must be resolved. The H I P has real solutions - not just more handouts and more domination of natives by government. 

15. Abortion on demand that exists in Canada as of 2012 is something the H I P cannot and will not support.  

16. A colonial attitude exists towards the United States of America by Canada and too many Canadians and this is something the H I P and its leader absolutely do not support. The USA is our closest and best neighbour, but we cannot continue the damaging colonial mindset here in Canada. 

17. Suicides rates in Canada are too high especially among youths and aboriginals. This problem will not be swept under the rug by the H I P or its leader. When too many of our people are killing themselves - obviously something is wrong. Let us work to bring those numbers down. Of course there is only so much that can be done, but doing nothing is not the answer. 

18. Foods contaminated by poisons, poisonous chemicals, harmful food additives, and other harmful substances are being allowed into the foods Canadian's eat and into the environment, and this is accepted and tolerated too much. This is not something the H I P accepts. We need a clean and wholesome food supply, and high environmental standards.

19. Environmental neglect within cities and excessive environmental contamination in urban areas particularly larger urban places like cities. Cleaning up our cities and their environment is policy.

20. Agriculture has been neglected and suffering for way too long in Canada. Some specific  problems within Canadian Agriculture that the H I P wants to focus on are; the lack of an organic agricultural policy; catering to big farming; overuse of chemicals; depletion of soil fertility; the HIP Policy is to ban the growing, sale, and import of GMOs; environmental damage done in the name of agriculture and the neglect of agriculture by past governments.

21. Warfare - the  H I P does not support Canada waging senseless wars like the recent no win one in Afghanistan, which has cost Canada over 23 billion dollars and counting, and which has killed and crippled too many. 

22. Wilds of Canada - The negative perception of willderness in Canada - therefore the unwillingness to simply occupy vast stretches of the country. 

23. Feminist ideology cannot be supported by the party. Past governments of Canada since the early 1970's or even earlier have catered to and even funded feminist organizations. The  H I P recognizes and accepts citizen's freedom to be  feminists, but will no longer support feminism ideology financially or in policy.  

24. The pampering of pets - especially dogs and treating the dog as a member of the family won't be supported by the party.  Pets are wonderful, but they are not humans. Lets love our children and mates more than the dog.


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Fax number - Calgary and area 403-453-7787  for long distance dial 1-403-453-7787

" The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association. "


" Big results require big ambitions. "       Heraclitus Greek Philosopher (540-480 BC)